Site Policy

Last updated: March 25, 2022

1. Disclaimer

1. Use of the content and services on this website shall be at the user’s risk. Please consider the following carefully before use:

  • 1-1. Whether or not the information and services are appropriate for the user.
  • 1-2. Whether or not the user is legally eligible to store, reproduce, or otherwise use the information.
  • 1-3. Whether or not there are any legal obligations pertaining to copyright, confidentiality, defamation, dignity retention, export, or other matters.

2. The Fukui prefectural government (hereafter, the “Prefecture”) will not compensate the user for any damages incurred as a result of the use of this website.

3. The Prefecture does not guarantee the quality or accuracy of the content or services provided on this website, and is not responsible for any discontinuation of or defect in the content or services on this website, or any loss or damage caused thereby.

4. The Prefecture assumes no responsibility for broken links or any other unavailability of external websites from links on this website due to relocation of the destination website or other reasons.

2. Privacy policy

2-1. Definition of Personal Information on This Website

Personal information herein refers to information provided through this site that can identify a specific individual, and includes the individual’s name, postal address, e-mail address, telephone number, date of birth, gender, or other description.

2-2. Collection of Personal Information

As a general rule, when the Prefecture asks users to provide personal information through this website, the information will not be registered without the consent of the individual concerned. When personal information is collected, the purpose of collection will be stated clearly in advance.

2-3. Use and Provision of Personal Information

This website will not use personal information provided by users for any purpose other than that for which it was collected, or disclose or provide such personal information to any third party, except with the consent of the individual concerned or when the administrator of this website deems it absolutely necessary. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Prefecture is legally obligated to disclose the minimum necessary information when required by law.

2-4. Management of Personal Information

This website will strictly and appropriately manage the personal information collected from users, and will take appropriate measures to prevent leaks, unauthorized use for unintended purposes, loss, falsification, or other improper handling.

2-5. Access Logs

This website records information related to user access thereto in the form of access logs. Information recorded in the access logs includes the type of browser used by the user, the date and time of access, the domain name, and the IP address; however, said information does not include any information that can be used to identify a specific individual. The access logs are used solely for the purposes of study, research, and analysis of this website, and will not be used for any other purposes, or disclosed or provided to any third parties, unless the administrator of this site deems it absolutely necessary. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Prefecture is legally obligated to disclose the minimum necessary information when required by law.

2-6. Cookies

Some of the pages on this website use cookies. A cookie is a piece of information that is sent from the server to the user's browser and stored on the user's computer in order for the website provider to identify the user's computer. Using cookies allows the website to collect information such as how many times a user's computer has visited the site, and the pages the user has visited. However, no information that can be used to identify an individual user is collected by cookies. In addition, users can disable cookie functions through browser settings. Disabling cookie functions will not affect use of this website.

2-7. Google Analytics

This site uses Google Analytics to understand the status of website use. Google Analytics uses cookies to collect user information. For the Google Analytics Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, visit the Google Analytics website. Neither the Prefecture nor the Fukui Prefectural Tourism Federation shall be liable for any damage resulting from the use of Google Analytics services.

2-8. Changes to the Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of this website is subject to change without notice due to changes in laws and regulations, changes in this website's operating policies, or other reasons.

3. Copyright

3-1. All information on this website, including but not limited to photographs, illustrations, images, text, and catchphrases, is protected by the relevant laws, including the Copyright Act.

3-2. Information obtained from this website may only be used for non-commercial and private purposes. Any use for other purposes requires prior permission from the Prefecture.

4. Links

In principle, the top page of this website may be linked freely. The Prefecture will not accept links to other pages without prior permission. Parties who wish to attach a link are asked to submit a request to link to the Prefecture via email to with the following information:

  • URL of the top page of their site
  • Description of the content to be linked to this website
  • Name of the organization and name of its representative (or the individual’s name if the party is an individual)
  • E-mail address of the person in charge

Note: Please use “Link Request” as the subject of the e-mail.

If a link is authorized, the Prefecture requests that the link go to this website or that the linked page open as a separate window/tab.

(Please do not use a format that could mislead a viewer into believing that the linked page is part of your website.)

The Prefecture may refuse the link if the website/page to be linked to this website is not consistent with the purpose of this website, may harm the reputation of Fukui Prefecture, the Fukui Prefectural Tourism Federation, or tourism-related facilities or other facilities in Fukui Prefecture, violates laws, ordinances, public order or morals, or may interfere with the operation of this website.