Travel Tips

Travel Tips


Planning Your Trip

What is the best time of year to visit Fukui?

Each season offers different scenery: cherry blossoms in spring, beaches in summer, red leaves in autumn, and snow and skiing in winter. Cultural experiences and temple/shrine visits are great all year.

Where should I stay in Fukui?

Fukui accommodates various budgets and travel styles. Major cities have Western-style hotels near their main train stations. More rural areas offer traditional Japanese-style ryokan inns, and even overnight temple stays.

When is the best time to see cherry blossoms in Fukui?

It varies by year, but generally late March or early April (and slightly earlier in the south). Maruoka Castle and the Asuwa River are popular places to see the cherry blossoms.

When is the best time to see the autumn colors in Fukui?

It varies by year, but generally late October or early November (and slightly later in the south). Lake Kuzuryu and Eiheiji Temple are popular places to see the autumn colors.

After You Arrive

Can I use my credit card or home ATM card?

Many chains and larger stores take credit cards, but some businesses still only accept cash. ATMs at post offices and 7-Elevens accept foreign cards. Some banks and travel agencies around Fukui Station offer currency exchange.

Is free Wi-Fi available?

Free Wi-Fi is available at many locations in Fukui, including sightseeing spots, shopping centers, and train stations. The main providers include Japan Free Wi-Fi, Freespot, and Town Wi-Fi.

Is there anywhere to drop off my luggage?

Visitors can leave their luggage at the Tourist Information Center by Fukui Station. There are also paid lockers available at many major train stations.

Are there any all-day transportation passes?

The Japan Rail Pass is popular with travelers visiting Japan, for use on JR trains. In addition, the local Fukutetsu and Echizen Railway lines offer unlimited-use one-day passes on weekends and holidays.


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